Solvere has developed the Nautinfra® methodology to support investment decisions, life-cycle planning and operational risk management and help our Clients build resilient businesses.

Whether you are a small firm with a small number of assets or a large corporation with global operations, we help you find a lean approach to Infrastructure Resilience.

We approach the infrastructure business as a system-of-systems, and our methodology uses techniques such as cognitive mapping and vulnerability analysis to build a working framework. Solvere has partnered with the University of Manchester – Alliance Business School to bring the state-of-the-art knowledge and practice in complex systems and human behaviour. Our data validation and processing model follows the all-hazards principle to focus on vulnerabilities. All the data are securely stored in a cloud platform, or your own servers.

Nautinfra® Visual Data Dashboards are built on Qlik Sense Cloud® technology. Access your dashboards online, anywhere, from mobile or desktop devices.

Visit our Nautinfra website or contact us to find out more.

Solvere has also developed probabilistic models for the estimation of contractual and financial risks in complex performance-based and availability payment contracts.

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